Enjoying Kingdom Life

We had a great time Friday morning as the brothers gathered for breakfast. We ate, we talked, we laughed, we prayed, and we enjoyed Father’s presence among us. I am witnessing a continual change taking place in my life, as well as, the kingdom community of believers. Everything taking place is all part of a greater picture than any of us can comprehend. The more we trust Father the less we need to know. I would compare it to falling in love with that special someone. When this happens nothing else matters. The whole world could collapse and you really would not notice. All you think about is being together.

I get excited when I see the brothers loving their wives, the fathers being with their children and a family learning to live life through the good and bad. The more we know Jesus the more we love Him. This love can only be expressed through loving His body, as well as, His creation.

This may sound strange to some but try this for a season. Lay down your Bibles, stop praying and begin talking to Father about your day and enjoy His answers. Get a little distance from your religious ways and work on living the Word instead of reading it. Trust the Holy Spirit more than your own thoughts. Enjoy the living, breathing body of Christ called your brothers and sisters.

When you walk away from “your ministry” you get to enjoy more of the benefits of the kingdom.
In the kingdom there is only one ministry and everyone participates. So enjoy life with one another and honor God. Quit trying to turn everything into a religious ceremony and make it a love feast! Gifts flow, we worship, we praise, we deliver, we celebrate Christ and give Him the glory. What a great time!

2 thoughts on “Enjoying Kingdom Life

  1. very encouraging word. thanks for the exhortation! peace!

  2. dawoo@falcon1.net

    This is beautiful, Kevin.


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